List of vhosts

ZNC Server Hostname Type
2a04:dd00:9:3::c0de IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3:fade::b00b IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3::d IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3:5ee::17 IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3:ea7::beef IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3::babe IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3::1337 IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3:bad::a55 IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3::c0ca:c01a IPv6
2a04:dd00:9:3::face IPv6

sBNC Server Hostname Type
2a04:dd00:7:5::c0de IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::1057:da7a IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::b IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::c411:911 IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::f13 IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::dead IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::feed IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::1337 IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::c0:ffee IPv6
2a04:dd00:7:5::90d IPv6

*Custom vhosts (if you got your own domain and want to set as vhost or have any suggestion for hostnames with this list domains, contact me for more information).